VFW Post #280

The history of VFW Post 280 Columbia, MO

Robert M. Graham was born on May 14, 1892 in Mineola, Missouri. He was inducted into the Army on November 27, 1917 and was deployed overseas on December 24, 1917, to fight in World War I. He held the rank of Captain and was assigned to the 6th Infantry. He was Killed in Action on July 7, 1918. For his bravery and heroism he was awarded the Silver Star. It was in his honor that on November 14, 1919 our post was activated by the collective efforts of 53 great men. These charter members are listed below:

Ardra B. Armstrong
Robert C. Baker
K. W. Blomeyer
Raymond C. Bond
Charles V. Brian
Dean Chenowith
Dudley P. Conley
Henry P. Diel
James C. Edwards
Arthur B. Elkins
Fred C. Eastin, Jr.
Lamar H. English
Grant A. Forsythe
H. D. Fox
B. H. Frame
J. W. George
Carl C. Gentry
Benton O. Gideon
F. A. Harrison
Robert Henderson
Robert Hill
V. R. Howk
J. W. Hurst
R. R. James
O. R. Johnson
George H. Kreeger
L. E. Lockwood
John Lowe
Orville C. McBride
Vance Mershon
Hollis A. Moore
A. Henry Mudd
Walker Oswald
Arnold Page
Lester Parker
A. W. Paton
John J. Pershing
Gerald F. Perry
William E. Persons
Kyle R. Peterson
Lawrence T. Ralston
Joseph D. Randolph
Houston St.Clair
G. G. Shy
Charles D. Skouby
Marc L. Sims
Carl Miller Sneed
Paul F. Sifton
J. J. Sivingle
Gaylord Stultz
George Wieda
Warren Whittle

Many had to travel from all over the state to meet here for the common good of veterans helping veterans.

On July 29, 1932 the members elected to rename the Post from Robert M. Graham Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 280 to Boone County Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 280, and those members have their names on the new charter and are listed below.

Allen M. Again
Rex P. Barett
Wayne R. Berry
Francis W. Bradley
Glenn I. Carr
J. Conley Fay
Ross H. Fisher
James D. Hubbard
Harry F. Hulen
William C. Lawhorn
Opal K. Martin
Thomas McRorie
William J. Menkeer
T. C. Morelock
C. B. Moss
J. Sam Moss
Paul Mourning
Ira W. Provorse
Theodore F. Raebel
Lawrence T. Ralston
John W. Riley
Frank F. Roberts
William E. Rosenstengel
Moses Rutter
Philip R. Simpich
Carl M. Sneed
Ellis B. Swift
Elmer J. Terrion

At this time we are in search of archives for our Post, so that we can document achievements, milestones, impacts upon our community, and honor our comrades past and present by noting their extrordinary impact on our community in thier personal and professional lives.